Re: ankle pain and stiffness

Posted by Marilyn on 2/19/99
I also develope this ankle stiffness and pain on occasion, usually following a bad bout with PF. I suspect it is the result of altered biomechanics at the ankle in order to compensate for PF pain. When the PF causes pain at the heel and throughout the arch, the natural mechanism for dealing with this is to reduce the amount the tissue is stretched. This stretch is the greatest when you're pushing off. To reduce the stetch, my foot/ankle complex responds by rolling off the 5th metatarsal rather than the normal 1st or big toe. Repeated movement like this is bound to result in discomfort in the ankle due to unnatural rotations (and probably high moments in the inversion/eversion plane) or something else. I sometimes feel like it's a pinched nerve and if the ankle were pulled it would be released.
That's my theory! 20:07:04

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