Warning re: Cambrelle lining in shoes

Posted by Rosalind on 2/21/99

Cambrelle, which is found in many walking shoes, and most hiking boots today caused my feet to get red hot and feel kind of sweaty. On long, strenuous hikes, my feet would feel like they were on fire and blister badly on the bottom. One astute shoe salesman informed me that some people have an allergy to Cambrelle, so I shouldn't wear it.

Now I have plantar fasciitis, and a whole host of other symptoms including burning, numbness, and sometimes excruciating toe pain. I "accidentally" was wearing shoes with Cambrelle, so for the last few days I have tried wearing only shoes with a leather lining or a gortex sock liner. I noticed a big difference -- my numbness and tingling has gotten much less severe, and often goes away. I know I still have a long way to go, but for me, Cambrelle does apparently make the problems worse and may even cause some of them.

If anyone else has had similar experiences please let me know.

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