Re: Plantar Fasciitis and Fat Pad in Heel Inflamation

Posted by Sue on 2/21/99
I have the same combination of problems. Thin heel pads and PF. I have been wearing Birk cork orthotics in a Clark desert boot for two months. I have not improved. I went to a podiatrist for the first time two weeks ago. He taped my worst foot which didn't help. The taping lasted two days and become loose in the shower. I had it retaped and it didn't do much. On the second trip to the podiatrist, he customized my orthotic by gluing a hunk of soft cushion material to the bottom of the orthotic and adding a thin layer of foam to the entire top of the device. In short, the raised heel cushion and extra material has now made it impossible for me to wear my current shoes. I now need full length lace-up shoes. He also prescibed ibuprofen which only masked the problem. I bought Birk sandals which are terribly uncomfortable. 23:34:01

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