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Posted by ken on April 05, 1998 at 16:53:47:
I consider myself very lucky in that the podiatrist that I've been seeing for PF had the problem himself for 9 months, and is a runner too. He can truly relate to what I'm going through. I have gone to a couple of other docs that can't quite relate in the same way. One thing that I've learned about doctors is that if you aren't satisfied with the one you're seeing now, keep trying new ones and keep asking the right questions to them, like :
1. Have you ever had PF yourself?
2. How many patients have you treated for PF and to what degrees of severity and success rates? (very important)
3. What is your strategy for relieving PF? Is there a predefined set of steps that you go through, from basic to drastic?
4. Are you in the 'actively stretching' camp, or the 'don't move it and rest it' camp?

Remember, you are the customer at a doctor's office, and deserve to be treated like one. Don't put up with any garbage just because they have a degree in medicine. Your health is on the line.

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