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Posted by Dayna on 2/22/99
1) Don't expect to resume your previous lifestyle. That sounds harsh, it's meant to. Many of us have had our lives forever changed by PF. I don't mean that you won't be one of those people who make a full recovery (I prefer the term remission), just that it is better in my mind to be prepared for the other possibility. I found it much easier to live with the PF once I accepted the limitations it placed on me, worked within the bounds of my abilities, never gave up hope of a better outcome.

2) If you haven't, get a full checkout by a physician other than a foot doctor, just in case there are other things causing the symptoms of PF.

3) Realize that if you do recover, it will take time, and that you can never be guaranteed that it won't recur.

4) Get a good checkout from a podiatrist or orthopedist, more important than which one is to get a good one, some people here have had horrors from podiatrists and swear by orthopedists, I have very good luck with my podiatrist, it's the primary physician who is an idiot.

5) Keep going until you find someone who is willing to help, this could take time too.

6) Go the least invasive first, try taping, good supportive shoes, inserts, custom inserts, acupuncture, surgery as a last resort, cortizone never. I had taping and one cortizone shot, the shot was worse than the PF. Some people here swear by acupuncture, others were not helped. Surgery can be successful, lately there have been some encouraging posts although previously we only seemed to hear primarily about the failures.

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