Re: Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors!

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Posted by cindy on April 05, 1998 at 17:41:40:
Sharon: I had the EPF 11 weeks ago, and I was only able to put my full weight on the foot around week 9. And that is in the big surgical boot, not my Nike's, because the tennis shoes are very painful.

Your dr sounds like the devil! You poor thing. Of course, you should not go back to him. Some drs. want to hear only praise and congratulations for their work; they can't take it if the outcome is not perfect. Thankfully, my dr. has been very good and patient. He's in Houston and I'm in the Seattle area, but we talk by phone every week, and he's very good about getting back to me, and he takes me seriously. I wish you could get to Houston to see him. Not to say he has the magic cure, but he has really "stuck" with me thru all of this. And, he's never been condescending. Are you near Houston, or can you travel there? His name is Stephen Barrett, he has a web page at He is an expert in the EPF. So, he's probably seen every thing that can go wrong, and his ego is not injured if you don't follow the correct pattern of healing.

I am wishing you better luck. It made me feel better to hear that someone else is healing slowly, its not just me. Dr. Barrett still feels that I will be ok in the end, its just slower for some of us than others. I say don't try to do too much on that foot - Dr. Barrett has told me to go slow, and listen to the foot, and if it needs rest, ice, whatever, do it.

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