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Posted by suzi on 2/22/99
It has been 3 1/2 months since my ossatron treatment and my foot has definitely improved a great deal. I no longer have that terrible throbbing sensation that I lived with for 6 years. I had the open release surgery 4 years ago and all it was a total failure!!! All it did was create tons of scar tissue in my heel that created more pain. I believe that the ossatron helped to break up some of that scar tissue that was caused by the surgery. I would highly recommend trying the ossatron before jumping into surgery for the mere fact that sugery will definitely create scar tissue which could lead to all sorts of complications. There have been surgery success cases posted recently, but if you are one of the failures, there's no turning back!!! At lease with the ossatron if it doesn't work, surgery will always be another option. The ossatron is non-invasive and unlike surgery it will not create dreaded scar tissue. As Roz recommended, make sure you are certain that you have PF before seeking treatment, or it do nothing for you!!!!

My chiropractor has also helped tremendously. I am trying to get my other foot better and he adjusts my hips that create a leg length descrepancy and he also adjusts the talus bone in my foot. This has made a world of difference in my pain. I used to be scared of chiropractors but if you find a good one who is trained in lower extremities, chances are you will see results. Finally I have switched to "tatami" birkenstocks which are heaven to my feet. If you have completely flat duck feet with no arch like I do then check these out!!!!! I hope this helps someone out there!!!!!!
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