Cambrelle warning holds

Posted by Rosalind on 2/22/99

That was a wierd response. Believe me, I wish I didn't have to search high and low for good walking shoes that don't have Cambrelle lining.
My reaction to Cambrelle could be a form of chemical sensitivity. I assume you know that not all people will respond the same to chemicals, allergins, bacteria, etc. Others are allergic to Cambrelle, or the salesman, who had nothing to gain from telling me that and could offer me no good alternative shoes at his store, wouldn't have told me that. Plus, I definately have had improvement in my numbness and tingling since I have stopped wearing Cambrelle.

You should re-read my message. I don't think this is the cause or cure of all of my symptoms(I didn't even list all the symptoms, like excrutiating toe pain and tendonitis). But Cambrelle does appear to have made my numbness and tingling worse.

This week alone, I have three doctor's visits. I have spent many waking hours and money ($>1,200) trying to combat my inability to lead a normal life with night splints, physical therapy, ultrasound, iontophoresis, NSAIDS, neuromuscular therapy, acupuncture, stretching, ice, heat, rest, water exercises, orthotics, taping, nutrition, herbs, and I am sure I am forgetting something. Don't cast a"spur"sions on a fellow sufferer. 21:59:24

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