Re: Passed on Cortisone shots

Posted by Karen on 2/23/99
Got PF after increased walking with new hiking boots. Have had it since Nov 98. Finally went to podiatrist who put a soft cast on for a week and then when pain did not go away, wanted to give me a cort shot on the bottom of my foot. I had accessed this site and told him I'd like to wait on the shot, at which point he didn't seem to be interested in my foot anymore. He put another soft cast on and told me to come back in a week but not to expect the pain to go away for months if ever. He even said if I didn't get the shot I might spontaneously rupture. I cancelled the followup appo because my foot still hurt and I felt he really didn't have anything else to offer me. Has anyone ruptured and what was it like? 14:53:48

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