Re: Stories of "I had PF for a long time, and then it just went away"

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Posted by Ashley Fernandes on April 05, 1998 at 19:20:39:
I had done the full rounds for treatment ranging from ultrasound and physio, then cortisone injections(ouch) That lasted for 3 months then onto physio, orthotics and stretching.
Finally went to an orthopaedic surgeon here in Sydney (OZ), who said that it was 'self limiting' and would eventually go away.
He also suggested night splints and a 'guaranteed success' if I was put into a walking cast.

It did - after a long while. But it is now back coz I was stupid and started jogging whilst wearing weights. STUPID< STUPID< STUPID.

Desperation lead me to the 'net and this amazing site. This time I have caught it in time and can treat myself with anti- inflammatories, heel lifts and some stretching. (I am not convinced of the value of stretching an inflamed plantar fascia, but it seems to be the way to go.

It is now nearly 3 years since I first had it. About a year without it , and hopefully only a few months before it goes away this time.

One philosopoical point, If this is the way the net is leading (in terms of shared experience) it gives me hope to be part of the human race again

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