Get it checked Flo!

Posted by Lyndel on 2/23/99

Geez, that sure sounds like what a friend of mine had! He first thought he had PF and so did the poditarist. He kept asking if my pain was like his and I said to some degree but his kept moving around the heel area, mostly on the outside around the ankle. He went to a orthopedic surgen on the advice of another friend and found out that he had a tumor in his heel and had to have it removed asap. Turns out the tumor had eaten away 90 percent of his heel bone! Talk about scare you! Flo, you best bet is to get lots of different opinions! Seems to be the feeling here on the board and my friend will agree! :~) By the way, he had the operation done about 2 months ago over christmas and last month he got the cast off and last week he was playing basket ball with his students! meanwile, I'm still hobbling like the rest here on this board. Not as bad lately as I've been doing excersises and taking lots of vitamen C and walking each day! What an improvement!

Take care!


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