Hiar Toxcicity

Posted by Gordon on 2/24/99

I'm not sure if it means anything and that's why I'm curious if anyone else found high levels of toxins in there body. According to the hair toxcins people, normal blood tests fail to show toxic problems because toxins are continuously cleansed from the blood stream but they do lodge in fat tissue and perhaps they may may get into tendons etc. where blood flow is minimal if it all (plantat fascia). I believe Archeoligists and forensic doctors use hair samples to determine what people have been exposed to. The hair gives a short time history of chemicals in your body. Most doctors don't know if there is any clinical value of a hair test so they may not perform one. The nutritionalist I went to was able to order the test from TRACE ELEMENTS, INC. 4901 KELLER SPRINGS RD. DALLAS TEXAS 75248 (it was not my idea and I was very skeptical).

Anyhow they found high levels (very high) of copper and calcium. I then found out that the water PH was causing the copper tubing in my houe to dislove (from the Local water engineer) and it was verified because two weeks after I got this report I discovered that the tubes going to my hot water were leaking. THey were very corroded (copper).

Supposedly high levels of Vit C will pull toxcins out of your body but it might take years to fully restore some tissue. Anyhow I tried High doses 3000-4000 mg of Vit C and my foot problems actually dissappeared for a couple months so I quit my excersise and Vit C program and then they slowly got worse again. So now I'm sticking with it (aerobic excersie every day with Vit C, E etc.) and they are just about normal.

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