Re: Cortisone shots - Where was it injected?

Posted by Cheryl R. on 2/25/99
I had PF for over 2 years...I had 4 corisone shots.. 2 in the side of the foot and 2 in the bottom. I got the most relief from the shots on the bottom, but it didn't last. I had the "full release surgery" on November 23, 1998. It's not a "miracle cure" I just went through 3 weeks of PT and am now able to get out of bed with no pain and walk normally with no limp. I still have some pain after being on my feet for a long period, but that is all. I'm back to work at 2 jobs, one sitting and one standing. I stretch the calf muscles 3 times a week and I massage the foot nightly. After 2 years of constant pain, it feels great and I'm glad I had the surgery. I didn't feel that way at first, but it's gotten alot better. 06:18:03

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