Barbara - Re: Good News and Bad News - Morton's Neuroma

Posted by Rick on 2/25/99
The metatarsal pad has a sticky backing, and can be applied to the footbed of your shoe. Most athletic, and many casual shoes have removable footbeds, so it's pretty easy to place the pad. The doctor did it for me - it is placed about 1/4 inch behind the area where the pain is located. It takes some pressure off the neuroma area, and helps spread the forefoot out a little. As I understand it, one of the contributors to Morton's is shoes that are too tight in the toe box, and compress your toes together. I ran on Tuesday with no pain in either foot. Today was different, though. Little pain in the PF foot, big pain in the Morton's foot.

My pad came from Hapad, Inc. They are in Bethel Park, PA. The doc said I could contact them and order direct. Their number is (800) 544-2723.

There is some information on the Web about Morton's. It is supposed to be treatable; but I understand that surgery is more frequently used as the ultimate solution than with many other foot ailments. I'm looking to avoid that route.

Let me know how the alfalfa works. I think, worst case, it can't hurt. 14:42:37

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