Re: Cortisone shots - Where was it injected?

Posted by Nancy on 2/25/99
Hi Patpa;
I had the full release surgery where the facia is cut. I'm not sure how it is going to work out but I had the surgery on February 5th and I was walking with my entire foot, awkwardly at first, 2 weeks later. I still find that if I wear running shoes it is not as painful as the heel is elevated more than if I'm in bare feet or flat shoes.
I have been able to (slowly) walk around the mall and around the house but walking on uneven ground is a little more challenging - especially in the snow!
Presently, I'm having pain just below the pad of the foot and also near the spur site but my Doctor stated that that is probably where the facia has "snapped back to". He is not very subtle but is a great Doctor!
Feel free to email me and I can keep you posted on my progress as this was not an easy decision for me to make so I appreciate what you are going through!

Take care
Nancy 22:22:20

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