no, you just don't know do you?

Posted by Lyndel on 2/27/99
Yep, same here. One day I'll be working on my feet all day and I expect them to hurt but they are fine. The next time when I do nothing but take it easy they are killing me the next day! Can't seem to put a finger on it?

My pf started shortly after I found out I was alergic to dairy! My calcium intake dropped to almost zero and I think that effected the bones and muscles in my body. On top of all that my elbow hurts the same as my feet while driving (i drive 1500 miles a week for a living) I now wear a elbow pad when I drive. I cant even touch my elbow to a table top or it will shoot pain up my arm! The other night I woke up with my left foot hurting. At first I thought it was heel pain like I've heard others say they have at night. After suffering for 2 hours not sleeping I got up to get some Advil. Low and behold, it was in my ankle not the bottom of my foot. It hurt so bad I couldn't even rest my foot on the ground! Where did this come from? I didn't do anything out of the ordinary that day??? Geeze! What's next???


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