Re: Celebrex (new anti-inflammatory)

Posted by Kris on 2/28/99
I too switched from Arthrotec to Celebrex because Arthrotec was tearing up my stomach so bad! , well no side effects with Celebrex, however it did nothing whatsoever. No pain relief at all. After taking 2 in the morning, by lunchtime I was in agony again. I have now been pill free for 2 weeks. I switched to a different ortho dr who got me into Physical Therapy 6 days a week (whirlpool, stretching, rubber bands, leg press, ice, etc) plus got me fitted for orthotics for my shoes, I wear night splints also, plus they tape my arches after my therapy is done. All of this has given me relief, I am not pain free yet, but in the last two weeks of this agressive treatment I have noticed a big difference. My first dr just kept giving me Rx after Rx (Daypro, Ultram, Arthrotec, Celebrex) and wasn't solving the problem just treating the symptoms. I hope you can find some relief. 14:14:27

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