There's Hope for PF

Posted by Mary Jo on 3/02/99
I stumbled upon this message board by pure accident and was really surprised. I thought I was the only one in the world with PF. About 13 years ago I was diagnosed with PF. Though I was in excellent physical shape then, my feet hurt terribly. I was determined to not let it stop me from being active and I was lucky to find a good doctor. I eventually had a total of five cortisone injections, two in one foot, three in another, wore orthotics and super-cushiony shoes, and the pain finally subsided. I then joined a clogging dance team and continued for six years. Lots of hard foot-pounding on lots of hard surfaces and fun but very physical exertion. Still no pain. I quit dancing four years ago, I have gained 40 pounds since, but I have not had any more problem, strangely enough. So, there is hope and PF is indeed a funny thing. Love and Good luck to everyone. 09:32:20

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