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Posted by Lyndel on 3/02/99

Interesting about the Calcium. But, with my zero dairy intake plus my HUGE intake of meat (our families hunt so eat tons of elk and antelope, eat so much of it I cant stand the taste of beef anymore, taste rotten :~) ) Anyway, I wonter if that is zapping me of my calcium. Boy, looks like I SHOULD get a toxin type test?????

I agree about dairy, what a bunch of crap! And I live next door to a dairy farm! :~) I also lost about 20 pounds after I quit dairy! Anyone else reading this, if you want to loose weight and loose it fast, quit your dairy intake 100% and you'll loose weight so fast it will make your head spin. I still take in some dairy, I eat yogurt. tonight my wife made us baked potatos in which she bakes them with the skins on, takes out the insides after they are cooked, mashes them and then mixes in plain yogurt and then puts it back in the potato skin. Ad a dash of salt, lots of alpin touch lemon pepper and oh boy! Taste so good I had 3 of them tonight! :~)

Interesting about your elbow and knees! I havn't had the problem with my knees and my elbows are sore only because I lean so hard on the left one while driving. My armrest is worn to the metal! All the padding has been pushed out of the way, that is why it gets so sore and i have to wear a pad on my arm. Course, you have to remember, my truck is a 1997 I got in may of 1997 and this week I'll turn over 90,000 miles! I actually drive less than I use to!

Today I had to drive to Big Sky Ski Resort here in South West Montana. It was 6 above zero at 10 AM and icy roads. When driving is like that, boy do I tense up even tho I'm comfortable with those conditions. I knotice my left heel hurts more when I drive under tough road condtions. I think I press my heel harder into the floor while I drive. I worked all day on my feet and they felt very good! I think the Vitamin C is helping although I forgot to take ANY yesterdan and today? Got busy with work and just plain forgot so I'm wondering if my feet will hurt extra bad tomorrow and Friday when I have to be on them all day.

I knotice that alot of people have very bad feet. I think I fall into a lesser catagory. Most days I can be on my feet all day if I can at least be continually moving. If I have to stand still with both feet on the ground, I can hardly make it more than 15 minutes. If I can shift my weight, walk or at least sit for a few minutes every once in a while, I can usually make it through the entire day. Also, when I get home, I prefer to be bare foot or stocking foot. It doesnt hurt my feet at all, only when I get up in the morning and only then if I forget to stretch before I get out of bed. Boy does it make a difference to strectch before I get up. I think it has alot to do with my legs being warm all night and stretching in the morning they really loosen up.

Well, gotta run, hope I didn't forget to answer any of your questions?

If so, will try to catch u tomorrow.


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