Tatami's are for REALLY High Arches - Granada's are nice

Posted by Diane R. on 3/03/99
From someone who has worn birks almost 100% since May 97 - had severe PF for 4 yrs and was considering surgery until birks --- now am pain free almost all the time. If just starting with birks the Arizona is the best for the majority of people...but the following advice may save you added discomfort along the way...

I have what my podiatrist called "higher arches" and they look very arched etc. but the Tatami sandals are too high for me. I wore them for about 1/2 hr in a Birkie store which the owner said I should do before buying them as they don't work for everyone... well my feet started to just ache. Switched back to the classic footbed (Arizona) and it was almost instant relief. Just look for the section in the catalog with the heading "Classic" ...always best to try them on in a store setting not catalog if you haven't worn the style before but we can't always be close to a real birk store.

Note: For some cuter shoes the Granada feels and looks really good. Have had many compliments when wearing them. The black or the white leather ones look dressy with nylons or can be worn barefoot with shorts or sundresses. Also, found I could not wear the 3 strap version as it put too much pressure on my arches.
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