Posted by diane on 3/03/99
debbie, I'm glad acupuncture worked for you because it did nothing long term for me - its helped for maybe the initial day and went right back to the pain the next day - i have been to top specialists and followed everything that they said - its impossible for me to go to aerobics, walk for long periods etc. - I have 3 pairs of orthodotics and have been to 5 doctors - local to top guys in NYC and they all stress conservative treatments until you've exhausted everything then you consider facia release surgery - but thats iffy because the scar tissue could cause more problems - it really is dibilitating - I heard magnetic insoles are very good - now i'm religiously using the night split, buying Birkenstock sandals, icing many times a day and wearing heels as much as possible to relieve the stress on the heel - when will this end??? I'll keep you posted. 11:36:23

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