it's a spur, dammit

Posted by Jenny on 3/04/99
Hi fellow sufferers

I went to the doctor (the unhelpful one) on Tuesday to find out what my recent x-rays had shown. Confirmation, it is definitely a spur. He repeated that nothing can be done about it, and when I asked about being referred to an orthopaedic specialist as he had suggested previously, he said "not yet, wait and see, if it is worse in a month's time then we will think about it". Well, "WE", some of us, mainly ME, decided that WE will not go back to this particular doc, I'll try someone else because even if he is right, and nothing can be done, he's very offhand. His only good suggestion was not taking any more anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen) because I said that they had not helped in the slightest. He suggested instead to get some Ibu cream to rub in, instead of taking things, which I might in fact try, why not, what the hell.

However, I must admit that some days have been a bit more comfortable, since I have been clumping around in the Birks most of the time. With them on, I can almost walk "normally" or as near normal as it is possible to do with yeti-feet on! Most mornings I wake up feeling as if this might be THE day when it has actually gone - mornings are my best time, the foot doesn't ache at all until I've been up and about for a couple of hours. During the day it steadily worsens. But not every day. Yesterday it hurt like hell, the day before I was hardly limping.

Well, one thing I have learned from this site, if nothing else - this whole thing is unpredictable and peculiar, and a damn nuisance!

Best wishes to everyone, and may your hobbling decrease - soon.

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