Re: Yes, There's Hope for PF & for Alex

Posted by Diane R. on 3/04/99
I consider myself as cured as anyone with PF can really be... so, I'll add a 3rd category to your list who frequent the board. I check in every so often to see if any new "complete - 100% cures" have surfaced.

My cure was not fast, not sexy, and was downright boring -- I have been very diligently wearing my birks every day to work and taking the supplements learned about from this site. I consider myself as pain free as anyone with PF can get... Able to do most any activity I want to do.(Mall of America shopping, hiking, working all day mostly on my feet)

But, I know I could not abuse my feet by doing aerobics, jogging etc., I'm just really happy not to be limping and able to feel normal 99% of the time... but have this fear of it returning full force if I'm not very careful...this always being cautious gets to you after a I want the end-all be-all cure just like everyone on this site.

Also, since I almost had surgery, and escaped it by learning about the birks from this site -- I like to let people who are just starting to get informed about PF know that even after 4 bad yrs of pain, birks worked for me and I'm doing great as long as I keep up my program.
I feel so fortunate that I did not have surgery --- and I try to let people know that any one who wants to avoid surgery can do it with birks. It takes a long time (3 mths +) and a lot of patience but it can be done. Every once in awhile I enter into the threads here to let people know there is hope afterall. 20:21:05

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