I fixed My PF myself despite the doctors and they love it

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Posted by Steve on April 07, 1998 at 09:58:07:
I trained for the World Championships in the Half Ironman triathlon and got PF so bad that all my friends and doctors told me I could either quit running or buy orthodics. I said no way. So I set out on a Journey to fix my own problem. I did it using a new material on the market and some new low profile hook. All it is is a flexible type of elastic that goes around the foot and it keeps the plantar tendon tight. That is the problem you know. When you start to lose your arch this is when this problem occours most often.

I developed this and in less than 30 days my problem was gone. I used to play basketball and other things also. But, I found that my feet hurt so bad I gave it all up. I am happy to say that I am back to doing anything and everything I want Pain Free. You can get these from United American Medical @ 1-800-521-5002. They cost about $20 or you can get them through your podiatrist to have your insurance cover the cost.

Directions: I put them on in the mornings and took them off at night. Now I only wear them when I am being hard on my feet. They are to be worn under your sock and fit comfortably in your wingtips or tennis shoes or docksider or whatever except high heels.

Let me know if you try a pair and give me your story.

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