Re: Deep Water Running For Exercise

Posted by Fred on 3/05/99
I would just add to Lyndel's comments: if you aren't a swimmer or don't enjoy it, but like running or walking, try deep pool running! I started in the middle of January when I was first diagnosed with p.f., and I really like it. Basically, it is like running outside except with no wear and tear on the body (i.e., your heels don't touch at all!). You wear a belt around your waist (the pool I use has them available, but you can also buy one for less than $50), and stay in the deep end of the pool. The stuff I read on the internet about it said that it is best to swing your arms back and forth in an exaggerated motion, sort of "slicing" them through the water rather than doing more of a swimming, doggy-paddle style. At any rate, it's just something else to try for those who are missing exercise. Some of the elite runners have trained for big races using this, and it really seems to work. It's supposed to be an even better workout than running on the ground, and much easier on the body (you really only feel it when you get out). I do it for 45 minutes to an hour (depending on how much time I have), but you could start out slow and do less minutes until you work up to more. Good luck! Fred 14:12:57

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