Posted by Linda P. on 3/05/99
Hi out there! I am 31 and was diagnosed with pf on my left foot about two months ago. I took Naproxen for awhile and thought it went away and then I got it in the other foot as well. All over my feet it hurt and I could not stand the pain by the end of the day.
I went back to the drs and he told me to give it a couple of months, it should go away. So, then a friend gave me this page to look up and I am impressed with the response from everyone out there trying to help eachother. It is so sweet of all of you.
My friend lent me a pair of birks sandals til I decide to go buy some since it is far and cost as well. So, anyhow my feet have gotten to feel better and im not sure if its cause I have done the stretching and exercise as recomended by this page and the shoes. But my question is: Sometimes my feet do hurt from the burks as if they are like rocks so do i still buy a pair or a softer pair or what? Some days they dont hurt and other I use my gymshoes with arch supports. I have not spent much money on things yet for birks or ortho supports. My doctor says I might want to wait to buy the ortho supports since I bought a new pair of nike shoes. Other people say I should buy ortho supports and the birks. I dont know, Any suggestions please help!! 14:58:57

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