Re: Another Newbie with questions

Posted by Robin on 3/05/99
Welcome Judy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to read this site, as much as you can at one sitting, until you plough through a lot of it. Most people here have found some relief by trying combinations of things and assessing what works on an individual basis.

I am far from cured myself, but I am about 50% better than I was last summer when PF struck. I wear Birkenstocks exclusively. No other shoes, just Birks. I take 2000 mgs a day of glucosamine sulfate, a hefty amount of vitamin C too. (I take only Tylenol for pain and not very much of it.) I'm one of the oddball folks whose feet worsen with stretching; I stretching bare minimum. I exercise on a stationary bike. I wear rubber shoes with built up arches in the shower. It's not great, but it's better than when I was seeing a podiatrist.

I know you would like somebody to give you one response with all the answers, but that's not possible. Unfortunately you need to survey the "menu" of treatments and remedies on this site and decide which to try for yourself -- and later, how to change that course of treatment. There are lots of remedies ahead and hopefully you will find a combination to work for you. Hopefully -- we all will. 16:42:02

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