New Too!

Posted by Sheri on 3/05/99
Well, I 've been posting responses to some interesting conversations for the last hour or so. But I sort of bypassed the intro part. I, too am a newly diagnosed PF "victim". Boy does it hurt! I'm so grateful to see all of this info on the web. What a great resource. It's nice to see so much sharing of information, advice, concern, stories, etc.

My PF started about a year ago, and is now in both feet. I have been to podiatrist, orthopedist and massage therapist (this actually helps). I have been limping, hobbling, and sometimes crawling because of the pain. I hope I can believe my most recent DR who swears this will go away. He says it typically lasts about a year. Problem is, my right foot has been ongoing for a year, but my left foot has just started...

I was so happy to find this web site today. It has been a blessing. Thanks to all for sharing your pain (literally).

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