Re: Arch pain after sitting? Yes, sounds like PF to me.

Posted by Diane R. on 3/06/99
Sounds like it to me. I used to be just like what you describe especially after being in bed and getting up during the night or first thing in the morning or riding in the car. I'd limp across the whole parking lot and wait for my feet to "numb out" as I used to call it so I could look normal when I walked - still in pain but I didn't have people gawking at me.

Today, with the help from this site and starting the advice I found here such as: taking the glucosamine, vit. c, vit.e, calcium with magnesium, and wearing Arizona style birks 100% - I got rid of that pain. It takes at least 3 mths. of doing ALL these things religiously to actually get on the road to pain free. Then depending how bad yours is and how long you have had it - it could take longer doing these things. I had 4 bad PF yrs. and have now been on this recovery program almost 2 yrs. now. For the past year, I can do about anything normally (work on my feet, shop till I drop, hiking) but would not consider jogging or aerobics or even power walking - as I am curtain in my mind that these activities would result in my PF returning. You may have to may some adjustments to your life too - or live with the pain - seems most of us can't do it all anymore. Good luck to you - you're on the right road starting with this site! 05:05:19

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