Re: Having surgery next week (Sorry this is long)

Posted by Cheryl R. on 3/06/99
I had the surgery (full-release) in November 98. Don't expect it to be a miracle cure, because it isn't. Remember, that even though the spur is gone and he cut the PF, you will be walking on a wound. I had a spinal done and was awake for the surgery. They do not let you see what they are doing and they also give you a shot that dopes you up a bit. It is very short surgery 20-30 minutes tops. My surgeon put me in a "range of motion" boot and told me to weight bear as I could stand it. The nurses in the recovery room made me "weight bear" before I was permitted to leave. That was very painful. I used the pain pills he gave me to get through the first 2 nights then I never used them again. The first 2 weeks went ok and not much pain. Once he removed the stitches and had me walking more, the pain started up again, worse than before. I went to PT a few weeks back and now have no pain and no more swelling. I'm a runner and used to run 5 miles a day. The PT cleared me to start running again... starting slowly.. I've ran 1/2 mile everyday this week and have no pain. I'm glad I had the surgery, even though I was not, at first. It feels great to be "pain free" after 2-1/2 years of pain.
Good luck with your surgery. Just remember, it's not a miracle cure and you will still have to stretch, etc. for a while after surgery. It will be worth it, once the "new wound" is healed up. : ) 07:19:43

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