Husband with heal spurs can wear birks at work

Posted by Sue on 3/06/99
My husband, Larry, had knee surgery(right leg)(industrial injury) a year ago, and during the past year PT for the knee. During the last few months he is suffering from heel pain (left foot). He went back to his ortho DR and he said "you have bone spurs in your heel" likely caused by favoring the right leg, thus putting more pressure on the left leg/foot, and causing the heel bone to create a spur to "protect" it. I don't know what the Dr.'s suggestion was, Larry said something about surgery. Larry sees a Chiro weekly for his back which suffered from the same "favoring". (All this is covered with workmen's comp claim.) Some one suggested a product called "Pain Free" for his aches and pains, which is glusomine(sp) and something else. He says he generally feels better (back/joints), but it hasn't helped the heel pain. After reading almost all of the messages on this board covering the last four months, wearing Birgenstocks seems to bring most relief. Larry is a diesel mechanic and MUST wear steel toed boots at work (for protection). (I can just see him in birks and his greasy overalls, the guys would die laughing.) His ortho Dr. did give him some sole inserts for his boots (I believe the good kind) but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. Any suggestions re: the boot issue? Is there a brand that would be better than most?? 14:08:57

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