Re: What are Birks?

Posted by Robin on 3/06/99
Birks are Birkenstock shoes. They are made in Germany; they are for all intents and purposes pretty unattractice -- and they are major pricey. But -- they are shoes with the ultimate support. Many PF sufferers (me included) swear by them for considerable improvement.

There are lots of imitations and similar style shoes on the market for less $$$, even from good places like Lands End and LL Bean. But they are not Birks. Birks have a low heel bed, very impressed arch support and a little toe bar in the metatarsal area, with a fairly wide toe box. I am a big advocate of being fitted properly in a Birkenstock store; I don't think I would be nearly as pleased with them if I left the fitting to my own judgment. 17:18:02

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