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Posted by scott on 3/07/99
I have also been bombarded with shit-head comments from people. Everybody. Family, friends, co-workers, doctor. Part of the reason I get this more than others is that I'm a no-holds-barred person in conversation and arrogant.

Here's a copy of a new section on my long document that may be of some help:
Of course, not being able to walk as much as you would like can cause substantial psychological pain. This is sometimes compounded by an unusual lack of compassion on the part of physicians, family, friends, and/or co-workers that need or require you to walk. Common examples of insensitive attitudes include "It's just in your head" or "You just need to walk more" or "Why don't you just have your foot cut off and be done with it?" Heel pain seems to cause much more of these attitudes than other illnesses. A knee injury, for example, would acquire much more understanding and forgiveness. This phenomenon has been indicated by many visitors in the message board area. In order to obtain more understanding and help from them in the future, remember what they say and use it on them the next time they have an injury you can't see. In response they'll say "Huh?" and you can reply, "I had a similar ailment and that's what you said to me." Visitors are often extremely grateful to be able to interact with other visitors who have experienced this and other psychological/social issues. Doctors may also verbally attack or accuse patients out of their frustration and inability to cure the illness. Zoloft is one of the best anti-depressants, but good over-the-counter pills are 5-HTP, St. John's Wort, and Kava (Vitamin Shoppe brand only - herbs from many brands are notriously ineffective). 18:31:33

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