Re: Pain in the back of the heel

Posted by kelus on 3/08/99
Hi! That is probably only a HEEL SPUR on the back of your heel.
I had one of them about 2 years before I came down with full blown plantar fasciitis. My doctor gave me a cortisone shot in the spur and it went away and it didn't come back.
Those types of spurs are usually from over doing it while wearing BAD FITTED SHOES. I honestly do not think that it came from going barefoot, but someone else here at the board may know differently.

BUT!!! If you are going barefoot during martial arts and your heels begin to hurt on the bottom (or the inside bottom) then, that may be Plantar Fasciitis. If that begins to happen, get to the Podiatrist or Otho fast!!! Because the longer you put it off, the worse it will be, and the harder it will be to get rid of!!!

Also, no, I do not think that working through the pain is a good idea!! That will only aggrivate the spur or Plantar fasciitis.

hope this helps! Kelus (Janet) 07:39:43

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