Re: Cortisone shots - Where was it injected?my story...

Posted by BIllie on 3/09/99
I started out with a Dr who gave me a series of three shots over 9 week period. Then intensive therapy. Didn't seem to help much. Found a new Dr. when the pain was so bad I couldn't stand it anyomore (a year or so later) He gave me a shot directly through the back of the heel. The relief was very quick(two to three days) lasted about 8 or 10 months, then WHAM, back with a vengeance. Went the shot route two more times in two years, same spot in heel, good relief from pain but only about 8 months worth of it. Went to another Dr., wouldn't do the shots that he suggested, got another"worthless" pair of orthos, have been in alot of pain, but am afraid of long term effects of shots or surgery. Am giving the new orthos a try, along with the suggested(from these postings) stretching, and religious wearing of good shoes, but have become very aware that it can be a VERY slow process of recovery or even partial recovery. But like many who have posted here, I am glad to know I'm not the only one with this thing.Thanks to all who have shared suggestions. Can't be any worse than going from Doc to Doc, and much less expensive! 00:20:24

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