Re: Surgery (I had the same surgery too!)

Posted by Denise on 3/10/99
Sorry about the other messages, don't know what happened?!?! I had the same surgery on Monday 3/8. Same ace bandage and blue orthopedic shoe. I am walking on it very little with the aid of crutches. I go to see the DR. tomorrow and see what he thinks. I have pain in the heel and in the arch?! Stitches are pulling but not too bad. I have it elevated and ice and sleeping in a night splint. I had the other foot done 4 years ago and had the old surgery where I wore a cast for 4 weeks. Can't do that this time I have 3 kids and need to be mobile.Tingling in toes when I keep it elevated to long so maybe thats whats going on with you? I will keep in touch. Good luck Denise 13:01:22

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