Re: Yes, There's Hope for PF & for Alex, but what about the BIRKS?

Posted by Robin on 3/10/99
I can understand how this Birks/no Birks issue might be confusing, particularly with the number of postiings on this message board. I also can understand why some doctors might think that plain old store bought shoes (even expensive ones) are part of the problem,not the solution. Many doctors believe that only orthotics can correct a foot problem.

If this message drive any point home, it is that PF strikes people very differently and that remedies work very differently for people also. I am one of those people for whom Birks have been a godsend. I have worn them almost constantly since December and I definitely have improvement. I am far from recovered. I do not go on my daily 3-4 mile walks anymore. But -- I can manage to get through the day and do what I need to do without tremendous pain. I take a lot of glucosamine sulfate and vitamin C, but I credit Birks with being a major part of the solution.

Many people have posted to the board that they are NOT able to wear Birks, not even for an hour or two, without tremendous pain. For me personally, they have eliminated about 50% of my pain -- and have made a world of difference. 19:28:22

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