Re: Bone Scan Suprise!

Posted by Eileen on 3/10/99
Just because you have arthritis, doesn't mean that the pain from the PF is not what is bothering you most. I have broken my right ankle three times. Once age 18, 22, then again age 24. I had surgury for clearing out chip particles in the joint space at age 25. I have lived with post traumatic arthritic pain every since. About 10 weeks ago, I did something (see other post) to produce PF in this same foot. That pain hurt more then any of my arthritic pain that I had gotten use to. Definitely see another doctor about the arthritis but don't ignore the PF or rule out treatment for that as well. Find an orthopedic doctor that specializes in the foot and ankle. There are fellowships in that field and these doctors appreciate the pain of PF. Good luck! 19:43:15

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