Re: Orthotics

Posted by Lyndel on 3/10/99

Did you get the name "ding" from the clancy books? :~) Anyway, I have the orthotics and they work pretty well. I still get sore feet but I cant stand much in shoes without them. At home I go barefoot on the carpet and it feels good but in shoes I have to have my orthos. Mine cost $375!!!! They are bloody expensive. They are the plastic sport type (the best) and are from the heel forward to the mid section of your foot just behind the ball of your foot. They let you wear any shoe you want. Don't get the over the counter inserts. They are not hard enough to support your arch and break down fast. I keep hearing such good things about birks but living here in Montana where temps hit 30 to 50 below zero in winter it's kinda hard to wear sandals. Plus, being the type that likes to wear western garb, geeky hippy sandals just dont cut it. I'm gonna look into ordering their inserts and try them.

Good luck


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