Brand new problem and I need some advice

Posted by Kirstie on 3/11/99
I never had heel pain before. Three weeks ago I caught a bad virus
and sinus infection. Midway through it, I started getting a lot of
pain in my heels - both of them! Now the illness is over, but my
heels and walking is even more painful. My doctor - regular Internist
-thinks this could just be the virus temporarily lodged in my feet and
to give it a couple of more days/week. Tonight I was so in pain
that I started searching for some information and came upon this
website (thank-you all by the way!). Has anyone heard of a virus
starting this type of heel condition? Does my walking as usual make
it worse (I wanted to keep moving - hoping to work it through - but
it hurts a lot!) And what steps should I take now? Oh and one more
question - does anyone know a good podiatrist in Thousand Oaks, Calif.
area? Thanks again 02:10:52

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