Re: Will I Ever Hike Again ?

Posted by Rosalind on 3/11/99
I can really empathize. For 15 years, I skied 4 to 5 miles from my cabin just to get my mail or to get to my car, and I always felt secure in the belief that my feet were more reliable than my car. I live to hike and dance (Romanian and Scandinavian are very demanding on the feet. But with Zydego dancing you scarcely move your feet and a few months ago I felt better after Zydego. I'm too scared to try it now and am just trying to rest and get well). Sometimes I panic wondering how at the end of May, I am going to be able to drive 3,000 miles to go from Massachusetts to Montana. And then, starting in June I am scheduled to teach classes to people from around the country that involve long hikes. I am determined to get well, am trying as many things as I can, and will be sure to share what works. I think you will find this board invaluable for suggestions and support. 21:32:51

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