Re: Lyndel try Driving Barefoot

Posted by Crazy Driver on 3/11/99
Well, this won't work in a small car. Plus I'm short and missing a few brain cells. I pull one foot up and rest it on my knee and use any blunt object that got left in the seat beside me. I prefer a fork cause it keeps the skin tough (not exactly blunt) and stimulates blood flow but most people would probably shy away from this. I have practised driving with the wrong foot for years though since I had an injury once that forced this. Dont't try pulling your foot up until you've gotton used to driving without it for at least a couple weeks. In fact, you probably should just read this for for fun, cause I have always lived dangerously. ANother way to massage it is just to rub it on the corner of the clutch pedal if you have a stiff enough clutch. Small cars may not work, you'll disengage the gears.
Gordon 22:20:08

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