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Posted by Michelle on 3/12/99
I have had PF for about 2 years in both feet, the left being the worse, and I finally decided in November that I could no longer live w/the pain. I went to Physical Therapy for 8 weeks, 2-3 times a week and it seemed to help. I was pain free for 4 days! Then one morning I tried to walk and the pain was worse. I was recommended to a Foot Dr. and he put a cast on my foot. That was the most painful and worst experience in my life. I talked to people and heard a lot of bad things about that Dr. so I found another Dr. She recommened Physical Therapy again and taped my foot. I only went 2 times because my insurance wasn't covereing what I was told it would cover ( the people @ therapy lied to me about the coverage). I went back to my Foot Dr. and she said that I should get fitted for orthotics and I did. I have done nothing different than what I was doing before. I guess it is magic. I hope the magic continues. 06:38:06

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