happy birthday, questions, rambling (sorry, too long)

Posted by Jenny Lewis on 3/12/99
Happy Birthday, Lyndel!

I hope you are feeling a bit less depressed, I have just been reading your recent messages and feel for you. But, in the past few weeks of reading this board, I've always found that your name means a fairly cheery note will follow, so I hope this was a temporary grizzle that has now gone.

It's tricky though, I know - some days don't bother me and some days I could happily beat up everyone who comes anywhere near me and would like to scream and chew the carpet. It goes. Sometimes.

Someone asked (sorry, I'm all behind reading the board so not sure who or when) if stress makes a difference. I think yes. I've been under a bit of a strain in the last few weeks for various reasons, both at work and at home, and I am sure my foot hurts more than it did, though how does one measure the pain level, I wonder? Anyway, it seems to be different each day, so maybe the stress factor is my imagination.

One question I hope nobody minds my asking - what does HMO stand for? It's not an initial/expression I've come across here in little old England. Is it equivalent to our doctors who are General Practitioners, GP, who is the person you go to initially with aches pains and coughs? or something else. Just curious.

I'm not doing much for the jangling spur at the moment. I intend to try another doctor, and hope to get some more (closed!) Birks next week sometime. Went for a swim today at lunchtime, and it was lovely to feel pain-free (except one slightly too energetic push from the side, when I momentarily forgot that it was not a good idea, soon got reminded though). I stopped the anti inflams. I'm trying anti-inflam cream, rubbed in 2 or 3 times a day. So far I would say it does not make any difference, but I'll give it another few days before stopping.

Rambling on for MUCH too long, hope everyone is stil awake....

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