Re: Cast advice

Posted by Sandra Z on 3/12/99
Yes, physical therapy is worthwhile IF you have a good therapist. I had a lazy therapist several months ago, before I was casted, who just gave me a standard exercise sheet and heat treatments. AVOID THIS KIND OF THERAPIST. The standard stretches were too intense for me and aggravated the problem. I switched to a different therapist, one who works in sports medicine, and she is completely different. Each week she watches me walk, then tailors the exercises to my particular needs. She is teaching me how to walk to put less strain on my plantar fascia--I am knock-kneed. She also massages the knots out of my calf. She gives me strengthening exercises for my particular weaknesses. Look for someone who works with athletes--athletes won't work with people who don't fix them. Call a health club for recommendations, or a college sports program. Avoid therapists who mainly work with old people and work comp cases--some of those therapists are just going through the motions with no real expectations that you will get better. I am getting better with a sports medicine therapist! 09:50:37

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