Re: Orthodics

Posted by Flo on 3/12/99
Hi Michelle: I had a completely pain-free period of several years providing I wore orthotics. I have worn them for about ten years now. I have a sports style for my tennis shoes and a dress pair for shoes I wear to work...flats..but good ones. I don't even get up during the night without the orthotic. My feet go right into a shoe or slipper with the orthotic in them.

My first pair was leather. They were made after casting my feet. I wore them for years and they worked well. Then the pf really kicked up and I had surgery and then another pair...and I still wear them after five years. I got yet another pair (the dress ones) just a few months ago.

If it was not for the orthotics, I could not walk at all...not even a few steps to the bathroom. With them, I cannot say that I am pain free because I also have tarsal tunnel...but it makes the pf bearable.

Frankly, of all the cures I've tried (shots, surgery, orthotics, ad infinitum...) the orthotics have done me more good than anything else.
But if you read this board faithfully, as I do, you'll find that what works for one may not work for the other. Best of luck. 17:37:24

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