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Posted by Diane R. on April 13, 1998 at 15:07:50:
To: Lisa S.
I am really sorry you are having so much pain 3 mths after your surgery. It seems a common complaint - continued pain 3 mths, 3 yrs. or even 9 yrs.after surgery) Many people tell about entrapped nerves, scar tissue and all kinds of complications that sound worse than the original PF. Then their doctors finally tell them they have "chronic heel pain syndrome" and wash their hands of the whole problem. It sounds like you will need to take charge of your pain and listen to your body and do whatever is best for your feet to make the pain go away.

You mention that your doctor told you to walk right away and others who have had the surgery were told to keep off their feet for weeks(s) or more. I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about if this was right or wrong to do - as it appears that in the long run, those who stayed off their feet for awhile after surgery aren't doing alot better that you are (from reading their messages). It just appears surgery is not the cure-all of this problem and it can in fact make things much worse for many people. Even those who say, yes, they'd do the same thing over and have the surgery do not say they are "pain free". From what I have read at this heel spur site I have decided I will never have it done. But you did have surgery and now what? I don't know if any tips from me will help you but you may want to give it a try...

I am now at a point where I can say I am "pain free" - since last fall (97). I have been wearing Birks and taking some supplements - I don't know if following my routine would benefit you after surgery?? ... but if you would like to try what I have been doing with my feet (for almost a year now) just e-mail me. I will gladly give you the blow by blow (boring) account of how I got to feeling so good on my feet.

NOTE: I own a small print shop and am on my feet almost all day sometimes 6+ days a week and into the evenings. The floors are concrete. Even with all this negative impact on my feet, I am doing really well. I will never run a marathon, but I can work and still do alot of fun things on my feet that I thought a year ago I might never do again. Diane R.

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