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Posted by Diane R. on May 31, 1998 at 21:39:03:
Thanks for the info on the Tarsal Tunnel idea. It's always good to keep an open mind and I've learned to try new things I have learned from this site - like the glucosamine which really helped me. So, I tracked down that article and upon review, it sounded like some of the problems people have reported to this PF site - especially the "burning feet".

That was not part of the problem. Although, I didn't personally relate to the Tarsal Tunnel theory, I think people with the burning on the bottoms of their feet should definitely check it out... and maybe even ask their doctor if this could be part of their problem.

I'll also pass along my paranoid attitudes regarding surgery in the form of a caution or "buyer beware".... The article did look alittle like an advertisement/testimonial from someone who would like to perform procedure(s) (ie:tests & surgery) on your feet. Also, his 93% success rate sounds very high compared to the surgery results we hear about on this PF site. But don't let that keep anyone from checking it out... Diane R.

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