About those drugs-- gloucosamine, etc... and doesn't anyone know of a non-advertising site with information?

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Posted by Sherri on June 05, 1998 at 10:57:39:

I have heard ravings about gloucosamine and other drugs on this boards, but I have yet to find a real chemical analysis on the substances that weren't actually an advertisement for it.

I myself am waiting till I can find anther reference on the substance, because many drugs may interact, and have long term toxity issues. For example, ibuprofen can destroy your liver in large doses, or long doses. So while it does great to pop a tab when its bothering you, you dont want to take it all the time.

Just because its sold over the counter doesnt make it safe, either. Many substances are sold that are dangerous-- st. Johns wart, for example, is toxic in the wrong does, and it builds up in your system. Yet it is still sold OTC in bottles at your local Wal-Mart. And some drugs store molecules in fatty tissue, making them near IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of, wheras otehrs may be water soluble, or even store themselves in certain organs like liver and kidney .

And so its touted as a natural substance. All I can say about that is that arsenic is natural too. I wouldn't think it was safe though.

So does anyone here know of a drug reference that is aware of these compounds? None of the ones I've checked help, and I had the help of a professional botonist in looking this stuff up, in case I was missing some angle. Because no offense to those it has helped, I do believe you that it helped-- but I dont trust the safe angles that advertisements protray, because not everything is truly safe unless you really know about it's chemical make up, and then how chemicals interact with others.


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