Re: MRI of the foot: is it useful?

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Posted by Cindy on June 26, 1998 at 13:06:44:
Hi, Irene. Its Cindy in WA! As you know, I had the MRI of both feet last month, and according to those reports, I should be running marathons because there is absolutely nothing wrong with my feet! When I asked the neurologist why they hurt so much, what is wrong if nothing is showing up, he told me he wasn't hired to figure that out, just to read the MRI's. So, for me it was not useful in my treatment, BUT it was very useful for my peace of mind. Now I know that there isn't some wierd thing wrong that can't be picked up by the drs, like a tumor or ganglion or something. Also, two podiatrists told me that it does not mean that there's nothing wrong just because nothing shows up on the MRI. Dr. Barrett told me he's actually had people with negative MRI's who insisted on surgery, and when he got in there, he found a significant problem, like bone fragments, that didn't show up on the MRI. However, the neurologist just thought I was some kind of nut - if it doesn't show up on the tests, its not there.

I would still recommend Dr. Barrett in Houston - he can refer you for an MRI close to home for your convenience. Talk to you soon

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